Happy Autumn

Happy Autumn and welcome to our very first entry for our Flower Farm Journal! 🙂 
Nature never ceases to amaze me – after such a scorcher of a summer this year, our plants have sprung back to life again after some great rain this month.  Both our zinnia garden and dahlia patch especially have made a wicked comeback 🙂 Total bliss to have some colour back for our bouquets and floral designs.
April is such a rich month for berries, seed heads and gorgeous fluffy grasses. Our  Miscanthus grasses look stunning with their copper plumes, with both our ivy berries and Callicarpa shrub colouring up nicely. The strawflowers Helichrysum have thrived in the heat and have supplied the farm with many blooms that have been picked this month to dry alongside other foraged goodies.
In the greenhouse we have baby succulents nearly ready for potting up into ceramic pots for the shop, a variety of indoor plant cuttings and our Spanish moss has been divided and draped around the rafters.  
Looking ahead, we’ve purchased a number of bearded irises, muscari and hyacinths for both the English garden and to be made into kokedama balls for the shop.
And oh my goodness – our seed wish list for Spring and Summer is forever growing (sweetpeas, vanilla sunflowers, scabiosa, asters to name a few!).
Right time to go out and feed our ducks – got to keep our Chiefs of Garden Pest Control happy.
Catch you again next month (exciting!),
Yours in flowers,
Iona xx

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